Q & A on the ABC Allworx Rental Program

What is the ABC rental program?

The program is a rental program which enables a customer to pay monthly for brand new phone system.  The rental includes system, phones, switches, installation labor, training, warranty, and your outside lines called SIP trunks.  Terms for the program range from 12 months to 60 months with no upfront money.

How much are the outside lines?

Each SIP path costs 22 to 30 dollars a month for unlimited calling.  The unlimited calling also includes 26 countries besides the US.  Ask us for a detailed list.  What is not included in unlimited calling?  Any other country not included in the 26 on the list.  Also, toll-free numbers are not included.  They are both available, but charges will apply according to your usage.

What are SIP paths/outside lines?

They are the lines that the telephone users use to connect to the outside world.  Each path accommodates one phone call.  An example would be if you had 5 SIP paths your users could have 5 concurrent calls on the system at one time.  These lines handle your inbound and outbound calling.  Depending on your business call volume would determine how many paths you would need.

Can I stay with my current data/internet provider? 

In most cases the answer is yes.  You will retain your internet provider if you so choose.  We only need a static IP address from the internet provider for the Allworx system to connect to the outside world.  We are able to work with Comcast and Verizon so far, and others may be acceptable upon inspection.

Do I have one bill each month?

Yes, all the equipment and outside lines are billed on one monthly payment that is remitted to rental company.  Your internet provider would remain on another separate bill.

Are all products from Allworx available for the rental program? 

Yes, the full catalog of Allworx products are available for the rental program.  Nothing is excluded from the rental program.  If upgrades are available during the term of rental you may also upgrade the equipment or software.  In case of an upgrade some equipment may be subject to a trade in program that may add additional dollars to rental.  You would receive a credit for the older equipment from the manufacturer, to help offset the charges of new/upgraded equipment.  Upgrades are optional and not required by customer.

Who installs and services the equipment?

Atlantic IP, LLC does.  We install the system and train your workers with the system use.  Going forward we are your service company through the life of the contract.  We are your contact for anything related to the system or outside lines.

Is the system under warranty?

Yes, the system is under full warranty by a service contract by Atlantic IP, LLC.  If a telephone or the system malfunctions Atlantic IP will address the issue promptly, and replace the unit with no additional cost to the customer.

Can I add additional equipment to the rental?

Yes, you can always add equipment or more lines to contract at any time.  The new balance will be added into the remaining portion of your term.  You can also add equipment and labor for other items such as, paging devices, door phones, and most importantly data network wiring can be added.

What happens at the end of the rental?

If you choose to change or not renew at the end of your rental we need 90 days’ notice before the last month that you are not renewing.  The equipment will be picked up and removed from service after the last month.  If you would like to continue after the terms of rental you will be charged the same amount month to month, or you could have Atlantic IP negotiate a buyout of the equipment from the rental company on your behalf.  In which case you would now own the system outright.  If you own the system outright you can continue with the outside lines, and if you so choose to keep Atlantic IP, LLC as your service technicians.

If I currently have voice services with another provider can I switch?

Yes, we would encourage that.  We would recommend porting your current voice service to the SIP provider.  The benefit of doing this would be streamlining your monthly payment, and possibly a savings to you the customer.  Yes, all numbers may be ported. DID numbers can also be provided or ported from your old carrier.  Toll free numbers can also be ported, but would be billed separately due to usage amounts.

Can the system be in a co lo?

Yes, the server can be located at your building or at a colo location.  If you chose the colo option be aware that the colo charges would be added to your monthly rental amount for the term of the rental.

Can the system do multi site locations, and remote users?

Yes, depending on the separate sites users sizes you can link 2 to 99 systems together to create one network between the separate locations.  If you have remote users like in homes or small offices, there are remote phones or the reach app on apple and android that can be set up to link back to the system.  The linked sites or remote users will have an extension and voicemail like everyone else on the system.  They will also use the outside lines that are connected to system for outbound calling.

Would this rental be good for a startup?

Yes, the rental just requires a credit check to get started.  With the ability to add services to the rental it would consolidate many equipment costs on one bill with a stable payment.  For example, if you need to have network wiring done you could include installation with the system and lines payment for a term of your choice.  The program is designed for little or no money upfront.  It would also allow you to add equipment if you grow in the future, and still be able to predict a monthly budget.

Do you do demonstrations of the system at our place of business?

Yes, contact us to make an appointment.  We have demo kit that we bring to your place of business.  It allows you to see the equipment up close, and allows us to answer questions for those that attend.  It is a free service no obligation.